Migrated to Ghost.

I am a longtime user of pelican1, however the post count in this blog is abysmal but the content was created using the old ways (the ways of the Nightwatch) --bad joke I know, but I realized that I haven't blogged since last October, there were multiple causes for this but one of them is friction, the toolchain for static publishing is your command line and I had not the time to streamline it, the old way was something along the line of

  • open pelican repo
  • figure out respective tags for blog title, time etc.,
  • modify accordingly
  • start the local web server to check if it is rendering properly
  • if it does, fab publish

Now when I review it, most of the steps were not that much of a time-drain and not that much time-consuming but it distracts you from what is really important, writing the content, moving to ghost allows to just use there desktop application and publish post accordingly, however it does not work offline, still it is a charm to jot down one of the thoughts you have and removes much of the friction.

I came to realize all this after reading similar post, although the person decided to not move to ghost but the arguments to move were similar.

  1. The old oversion is available here, older version was hosted on blogger.