Book Review - The Passionate Programmer by Chad Fowler

recently I completed first reading the book The Passionate Programmer by Chad Fowler, here is excerpt from my review

This is the book I should have read during the start of my career, content has solid actionable advice which usually is rare to find in one place.

This blog post is to expand on the review, you can find similar praising reviews on different sites like here, here or just go for a video follow-up by the same author.

Passionate is a strong word to define something but the title works well for the most part, however the book excels where it should be - in content, it's filled with seemingly actionable advice which are scattered throughout the book with insights from the author's career itself and anecdotal evidence scattered throughout, I aim to re-read the book chapter by chapter and try to internalize (and hopefully implement) it incrementally.

Word of advice, don't take the title of book literally, it has something in it even if you consider your job as a means to end(which IMHO is a healthy attitude), similar take is mentioned here by a person who is much more qualified to provide perspective,

I worry about what the expectations these demands of “passion” are setting up. If I don’t treat the code like a lover, if I fail to put it ahead of friends and family, if I don’t hurl myself into the task like a soldier charging a machine-gun nest, am I failing to give the team my “100%”? Am I letting them down?

and Mr. Avdi provides a nice summation

I’m an enthusiastic and conscientious programmer. I really hope that’s enough.

It is advised to be passionate but don't go overboard just like everything else in life, balance here is also important.

I will keep updating this list as time goes by with my experience with each Act on it advice, which essentially is book's actionable advice summarising the chapter's essence.

  1. Create chart of early middle and late adoption technology
  2. visualize technology migration - Lead or bleed
  3. Coding does not cut it anymore
  4. Be the worst

You can buy the book here.

A followup up talk by Chad himself