The Pragmatic Programmer #2 - Supply and demand - visualize your industry skills in terms of supply and demand


This chapter talks about supply and demand and mainly focuses on introspection and planning of collecting data so as to make informed decision in what to do next, in fact it builds a lot on last chapter, I mainly work as a backend developer with occasional front-end work and once in a while there is some Dev-Ops job, right now in my current role I am also transitioning into more of a mentoring position which might not be relevant here and is not a quantifiable thing to look after.

Actionable insights

author implores you to figure out how much time it takes for a requirement to travel across the shore, I am from India - a land of java developers, but basically the technology landscape is democratized enough globally that you can't really say that your demographic may determine your technology, surely if you look for bleeding-edge technology adoption than it's hands-down the territory of start hubs with some outliers here and there but mostly everyone is probably using the same thing, there is no time for a technology to travel across the pond.


This chapter was mostly useless for me, I am aiming to improve myself as Software Developer and the section whoever it is targeting is dated, there is niche industries here and there but as a generalist developer - there is not much for me here.