The Family Man - Movie

Currently I am watching The Family Man movie, a 16 years old movie starring Nicolas Cage and that dumb police officer from Brooklyn nine nine, I watched this movie while doing minor planning and going through todo list review for the week, however I got engrossed in it after a while.


I am not sure why I picked it up, it was sitting in my imdb watchlist and judging by it's number, I probably added it maybe 5-6 years ago, plot sounded cliched but relying on my past self I went ahead thinking this might be a light watch.

Movie Watching Experience

For whatever reason, movie was nearly 2 hours long, plot never demanded that and could be easily trimmed down, but maybe it is the product of it's time and these type of movies usually had gone to 2 hours.


I won't ever watch it again, script is not tight, acting was OK, but definitely a feel good watchable movie.

Update 6 Nov 2016 : 4months after watching the movie I have no recollection of it, must be a forgettable movie.